Camp #1 Ages 5-9


Camp #1

July 10 – 14 2017

MEGA Magic Camp 1 is for ages 6-9 years old and is for Kids that have little to NO experience with magic but they want to try it to see if they can fool their family and friends at the dinner table, school or at a family gathering. With a little practice and self confidence these tricks will fool everyone who see them.

All kids will be welcomed and sworn into of the Magicians code of ethic and will be required to sign a Secrecy Agreement which they will keep after the camp is over. We will work on presentation and showmanship the two most important principles in Magic. We will accompany all tricks with great patter and story lines which the kids will make up with help from Brent Smith the Instructor.

All Props and instructions are for the kids to keep at the end of the Camp and are expect to look after their props as any additional props given out are an extra charge.

The tricks will include house hold items like paper, money, rope, string, coins, napkins, and liquids. Some professional magic props will also be included in this class and every  kid will also learn some easy self working card tricks and they will fool everyone.

One day we will teach how to make basic balloon animals by bringing in one of Calgary’s finest balloon Artist

Balloon Day

  • Expert Instruction
  • quality props
  • The History of Magic, what is it and where Magic come from
  • Basic Sleight of hand
  • How to make coins vanish
  • Cut a piece of rope into two pieces and restore it back into one piece

Like all magic some minimal practice is required for these tricks to work effectively. 

Each child is expected to perform at least one trick in front of an audience to receive their Graduation certificate during the

and YOUR INVITED to watch this MEGA Extravaganza starring Birthday Magician Brent as your MC for the show

Any child with medical problems of any kind are required to let the instructor know at the time of registration.