Camp#2 Ages 10-99


“Knowing the Secret to a Magic Trick doesn’t make you a magician but knowing when and how to use it does” – Michael Webber

Camp #2


12 – 4 pm each day
at the Vanishing Rabbit

  1. EXPERT Coaching
  2. Professional props
  3. Routine Building
  4. The History of magic, where it come from, how old is it and WHAT is it
  5. Magic Tricks using cards, coins, and sleight of hand
  6. Get tied up in 5 Feet of Rope by the biggest guy in the room know the secret of how to escape instantly
  7. Tricks using 3 Cups and balls
  8. Tricks with Coins
  9. We will also learn a COMPLETE Card Course

Find out what these tricks are and tons more

  • McDonald’s Aces
  • Million Dollar Monte
  • Wild card
  • Card Warp
  • Hummer Floating card
  • Rope tricks
  • Get a Professional Close up Mat to perform your miracles on

Sponge balls, Coins, Silks, Newspaper, and steel rings. Also Learn How to perform at a Birthday Party and find the Secret how to perform your own Magic Shows AND GET PAID!!!!

For graduation

Magic in the Park

Each Student will be required to PRACTICE Daily/Nightly/Weekly to achieve the full results from this Camp. We teach you with the best instruction possible but it will be up to each participant to practice the moves, presentation and patter to make their magic more memorable and ask questions, in order to achieve full benefits from the Camp. 

Participants with food allergies or any medical conditions MUST tell the staff at time of registering.

Mail in Check – Made Payable to:
The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop

1712 Edmonton Trail NE Calgary, Alberta

Phone in…. credit cards accepted