Mega Magic Camp is located in Calgary Alberta Canada and is for kids and young Adults who show an interest in performing magic. Mega Magic Camp is a day camp from Noon – 4PM, Monday to Friday, during a specific week selected each year. The instructor for MEGA Magic Camp is professional Magician Brent Smith, known in Calgary as BirthdayMagicianBrent, who has a number of credits to his name

  1. Territorial Vice President of the International Brotherhood of magicans serving Alberta and Saskatchewan 
  2. President of the Society of American magicians – Calgary Assembly
  3. Owner of the Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop in Calgary Alberta
  4. On Board of directors Canadian Association of Magicians
  5. Order of Merlin – International Brotherhood of Magicians
  6. Calgary’s number one children’s entertainer – BirthdayMagicianBrent.com
  7. President Magic Posters Online
  8.  Member Magic Castle in Hollywood
  9. Head Magician at SantaViaSatellite.com
  10. Original charter member International Brotherhood of Magicians – Calgary Ring 66 – signed original charter

Mega Magic Camp is a place where kids ages 10-99 discover their ability to perform magic tricks by putting their own unique presentation to each trick taught. We also have a younger Camp for smaller kids. Our Main Camp is for Students surrounded by others who share and unlock their passion for magic and want to learn how to properly present their act in front of an audience.

With the over abundance of Magic being taught on the internet anyone can learn magic tricks but something the internet can’t do is teach how to properly present magic in front of an audience, a real audience. We will teach the young magicians what to say, what to do, what happens if a trick goes wrong, What happens when someone wantot examine everything or tries to expose your secrets infront of your friends…These are just some of the questions answered in this amazing day camp.  We will be unlocking the potential entertainer in every single child that attends. The real magic is that it is a life skills program cleverly disguised as an  INCREDIBLE MAGIC CLASS. Kids will feel empowered and parents will be astonished not only by the magic, but by the way this program builds confidence,enthusiasm and social communication skills for their children.

Every element of the course is filled with FUN, mystery and more!

“Knowing the Secret to a Magic Trick doesn’t make you a magician but knowing when and how to use it does” – Michael Webber