Questions and Answers

  1. When do we pay? – After your application has been accepted, The full amount is due 3 weeks prior to the start date as we need to order in the supplies. An email or phone call will be sent stating that the fee is now due 
  2. What props are included? – ALL props are included with magic camp and are your to keep and take home. We will even supply a close up mat for the kids to perform on.
  3. Where is Magic Camp going to take place?  – its usually in the magic shop but if its a large group it will be in a community hall located in the NW
  4. What time is Magic camp? – Magic Camp is from Noon – 4pm each day. Its a half day camp.
  5. What about a lunch? – Kids can bring in a lunch or snack as we stop half way for a 20 minute break
  6. Can my child be in the same group as a particular friend? – YES it is a classroom setting so were all all in the same group
  7. Do you provide any outdoor activities, or is everything indoors? – If it is nice outside we usually go the the park directly next door and spend some time teaching a class outside as well we take graduation pictures outside.
  8. What if we have to cancel last minute? – We will refund your payment except $100
  9. Do you stay at one location – YES we will never leave the location without your permission
  10. Who may attend MEGA Magic Camp? – It’s for anyone really, although we are not qualified to handle anyone with special needs or learning disabilities

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